ATN Team Member - Noah Parker

Noah Parker is a mid-volume bettor who specializes in the NBA.  He’s been in the sports betting industry for 15 years on both sides of the counter in Las Vegas for Coast, Stations, CGTechnologies, William Hill, Cal Neva Sports.

Parker’s maintained  60% win rate in the NBA the last 5 years.  The majority of his plays are sides.  He’s one of the 5 best if not the best NBA sports bettor in America.

Noah has between 1-4 plays per night and every bet is the same amount.  He’s a picture of efficiency and consistency.

Noah talks NBA as a regular guest on the Nationally Syndicated Rick Tittle show


Who should buy Noah’s plays?

New bettors, veteran bettors, CPA’s, Hedge Fund Managers, and anyone of betting age. Noah’s NBA plays are a strong investment for anyone who is serious about making money betting sports.


It’s a marathon, not a sprint and I’m omw to that finish line. Pickin winners is the only thing I am confident at, not only getting the best number but maintaining a consistent winning record ATS. No one is better long term at the NBA then me and my record speaks for itself.