ATN Team Member - Ken Thomson

Ken Thomson is a notorious and some would say legendary high-volume NFL, College Football and College Basketball specialist.

KT’s first job as a sports broadcaster was in the US Navy back in the 1980’s, aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Ranger. In more than 25 years of broadcasting since, Ken has called games for multiple universities, plus 4 years co-hosting a talk show with Bob Golic, and his current Last Vegas radio show, SportsXradio on KDWN – Las Vegas ( 720 AM/ 101.5 FM ).  KT as he’s known to his listening audience, has excelled in the Sports Gaming World over the past two decades in the Vegas Valley.

Ken was a part of the last 8 years, and had some of the biggest seasons amongst any of the World’s handicappers in College Football, College Hoops & the NFL.  He’s also been a consistent winner with Against the Number, which is his sole handicapping gig now.

Ken’s ‘SportsXradio’ show airs Monday through Friday from 8-10 PM PT on 101.5 FM/720 AM KDWN.  “KT” has some of the top handicappers & sports book directors in the gaming world. With Ken’s extensive knowledge, experience, and relationships in the Collegiate, and Professional sports world he is a prominent member of Against The Number as the team’s premiere NFL, and College Basketball specialist.

Ken holds the Las Vegas Review Journal record for consecutive NFL games won in a row, with 14.  He’s averaged a 57% win rate Against The Number the last 5 years in the NFL.  Ken considered to be one of the best NFL sports handicappers in the country.

Ken finished the 2019-2020 college basketball season with a 94-55, 62% record Against The Number. It was considered to be one of the best, if not the best in the country.  The last 5 years years he’s maintained an average win rate of 58% Against The Number in college hoops.

Ken’s also averaged a 55% win rate the last 5 years in College Football, and is the only radio host to preview every weekend college football game Against The Number on Friday nights during football season.

Simply put, Ken Thomson is one of the most talented, and accomplished sports gamblers in the United States of America.

Ken Thomson’s NFL, College Football, and College Basketball plays Against The Number are available to be purchased individually for a season, a month, or a week.  You can also purchase all of Ken’s plays Against The Number in every sport for one year.

Enjoy a Q&A with KT

When did you start betting?

As a teenager I got hooked trying to figure out the winners versus the betting lines listed in the Newark Star-Ledger in New Jersey.  We were wagering on games in High School and those days have paid off.  When you are young, you feel like you have all the answers.  When you get older and look back, you realize you didn’t know jack.  Without those years of experience, I’d never have developed into a successful handicapper.

Career highlights

Winning a “record 14 consecutive picks against the spread” featured in the Las Vegas Review Journal which eclipsed the old record by Kelso Sturgeon.

Handicapping Highlight?

I take a scout’s approach to sports betting . . . weighing out all information: streaks, trends, situational factors – and most of all, watching games and scouting the teams. I have watched thousands of game – plus over 25 years of broadcasting experience has given me an advantage.  After traveling with College teams, knowing the politics of the game and referee’s tendencies, Ken takes all that wisdom & puts it into the equation of sports betting.

Best sports to Handicap for myself?

1. College basketball,  2. College football, 3. NFL

The past 3 years I have actually been stronger in the NFL although at Pregame I was (94-55) in CBB plus 68 units last season.  Unfortunately the pandemic cut the season short.

I am a sponge during the season as I watch as many games as possible and follow constant flows of all other games even if I’m not involved to gain information.  As a bettor, you will get my best effort throughout the season no matter what sport it is.

I can give you a write up for each game but it doesn’t matter if I write a book of “War & Peace” on each contest if I’m not winning consistently so I keep it to a minimum.  Looking forward to getting back with my old players & welcoming in new ones as well.  Listen to my shows and you’ll understand that I know what I’m doing & look forward to making you $$.  It’s not a get rich quick scheme, it is a grind.

I will put wagers up ranging from 1-Unit plays & up to 3-Unit plays, naturally if you play $100 per game you would wager to win $300 per contest on a 3-star selection.  If you contact “Against the Number” with any questions for me, I will get back to you as quickly as possible.  Here’s to making good choices & making $$ together!