A story that is similar to many I’m sure, I started betting roughly 11 years ago, and mainly focused on outright results as I was sure, in my younger mind, that I knew everything that’s possible about football.

I did okay but was extremely inconsistent. But then I wanted to improve my knowledge further and began looking into statistics, team news and current form. It was basic research initially, but this is when I discovered that I really enjoyed the process of doing my research, and potentially finding some crucial information that could help me to find a solid pick.

This is probably when I discovered my love for finding data and compiling it in a way that allowed me to identify wrong lines from bookmakers, in turn finding picks that represented value – after all, it’s all about identifying value and having a long-term mindset.

For those that follow my page (@CGeorgeGamble on Twitter), you’ll know my spreadsheets contain statistical league tables for cards awarded and averages per game both home and away, as well as most fouls conceded and received per game. I’ve had a lot of success with these niche markets, however, using my model I’ve also found joy in handicapping and these are what I will be bringing to you.

Most of my bets can be found on Bet365, Unibet, William Hill and many others. I don’t just put a bet out for content, the picks I post will purely be ones I believe to be of value with that opinion being backed up by the data and model. He ended last season +68 units.

George’s soccer plays Against The Number can be purchased for a season, a month, or week.