I started betting on tennis over 7 years ago, having played the sport I found my understanding of the game’s nuances handed me an edge over those using algorithms to set prices.


Tennis is probably the most difficult individual sport to wager on, the variation of courts, surfaces and balls across the season combined with trying to understand each players strengths and weaknesses on a particular surface can punish recreational bettors.


Tennis is like boxing ’Styles make fights’. This is because a player’s style of play and groundstroke technique can affect how effective their game is on different surfaces. Situational factors also play their part, these players are highly skilled professionals, but they are human, players who are struggling for confidence and rhythm in their game will not play their highest level, identifying those spots is another part of my methodology.


I specialize in the most liquid tennis markets, Moneyline, Spread & Over/Under Total Games markets. 95% of my picks come from the ATP & WTA Tours which run for almost 48 weeks of the year. All picks come with matchup analysis to help you understand the intricacies of the sport.

On any given year I make 600-800 Tennis plays Against The Number.

Fergal is our premium tennis specialist Against The Number