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Check the badge of Weekly Access and get every play on the ice, every day, Monday through Sunday.

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Anthony Gaglione – NHL Hockey

Get each and every play, every night on the ice for a week (Monday – Sunday), from one of the deepest wells of hockey knowledge and experience the world round.

Bio: Mr. Gaglione was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago and grew up playing competitive hockey through high school. Anthony moved to Las Vegas twenty years ago, using his passion for hockey, to become a full time, writer, analyst, radio professional, and specialized NHL bettor. He has written professionally for Betfirm and LVInformer, making over two thousand NHL picks and compiling a stellar overall record in doing so. His hockey articles illustrate an extremely in-depth knowledge of not only the game but also an astute approach to hockey from a gaming perspective. This combination of research, knowledge, and study of the game along with betting experience and savvy, makes Mr. Gaglione’s choice to move to Las Vegas a good one. Tony Gaglione currently hosts a radio show at KDWN AM720 in Las Vegas called “SmackTalk Sports.”

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