NFL, College Football, College Basketball — Season Access Pass


NFL, College Football, College Basketball — Season Access Pass

Tackle the badge of Total Access and get every play Against The Number on the gridiron and on the college hardwood – all season, each season, long.

Ken Thomson — NFL, College Football & College Basketball

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Exclusive access to every NFL, College Football, and College Basketball play Against The Number all year long from one of the most accomplished sports handicappers in the industry, Ken Thomson

Ken Thomson

Ken Thomson, owner of SportsXRadio in Las Vegas, is a veteran sportscaster of more than 25 years and has become a recognized authority due to his expertise in all major sports, specifically College Basketball, College Football, and The NFL. He provides versatility with his extensive knowledge and savant-like memory. He has tremendous relationships with many college coaches and broadcasters at over 50 universities nationwide.

Ken produced some of the most profitable seasons amongst any of the World’s handicappers in College Football, College Hoops & the NFL the last 8 years while under  He’s also been a proven winner under Against The Number.

Ken’s SportsXradio show airs Monday through Friday from 8-10 PM PT on 101.5 FM/720 AM KDWN.  “KT” has some of the top handicappers & sports book directors in the gaming world. With Ken’s extensive knowledge, experience, and relationships in the Collegiate, and Professional sports world he is a prominent member of Against The Number as the team’s premiere NFL, and College Basketball specialist.

Ken holds the Las Vegas Review Journal record for consecutive NFL games won with 14.  He’s averaged a 57% win rate the last three years in the NFL.

Last year Ken’s college basketball record was an incredible 94-55.  At 63%, It was one of the best, if not the very best in the country.

Ken’s averaged a 55% win rate the last 5 years in College Football.


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Ken Thomson