Leeds @ Burnley – Premier League Sunday 29th August 2 pm UK Time 


Main Wager Selection   Leeds Utd to Win +130 Small Wager Correct Score Leeds Utd 2-0 +1200

The method:

Burnley look a poor team to my eyes watching them play is marginally less interesting than watching paint dry.

They look devoid of all confidence and that is no surprise as they cannot score goals and it really is a miracle that they were able to remain in the Premier League last year. That miracle was largely owing to their brilliant and charismatic Manager Sean Dyche who has pulled more rabbits out of more hats than Siegfried and Roy!

Dyche is the longest serving Manager/Coach in the Premier League having joined Burnley in 2012. In the crazy World of the Premier league that is an incredible achievement but sadly for Dyche I believe this year could well be the end of their Premier league adventure and the end of his incredible run.

The Leeds team that arrives in Burnley on Sunday are everything this Burnley team are not, fast, skilful, young and hungry for success. Their legendary coach Marcelo Bielsa demands 100% frantic effort. 

In fact, where Leeds can come unstuck is by attacking powerfully against the top 6 teams and being ruthlessly exposed. This happened against Manchester Utd on day 1 of the season but I predict




Manchester Utd had the skills and pace to teach Leeds a lesson, but Burnley simply aren’t good enough to knock Leeds backwards and I am very strong on a Leeds Utd Win on Sunday. Try a smaller wager on Leeds Utd to win 2-0 in the correct score market as I think there is real value in odds of around +1200. So, it is a confident pick in Leeds Utd as the best weekend wager on the Premier League. Come Sunday evening Sean Dyche may be looking forward to a meet the press as much as a certain President!


It is going to be one hell of a ride!