Simon Holden here,


The Premier League is back for another 8 month long adventure but for Champions Manchester City it was to be a week one defeat. I am convinced though that now is the time to support them at -110 and I believe they will RETAIN THE PREMIER LEAGUE.


Manchester City under the World’s greatest coach Pep Guardiola arrived in London to begin their season at Tottenham Hotspur who struggled badly last season. Tottenham and their fans are not too happy with the Champions for trying to buy their star forward Harry Kane. Kane himself has been rarely sighted and yesterday did his impression of the Afghan Army and was nowhere to be seen.


Despite the Harry Kane transfer having not been completed Manchester City backed by The Qatari Royal Family have been adding to their already super talented squad. They spent £100 million on young English Star Jack Grealish and have become English Football’s version of the Harlem Globetrotters with two superstars available for every position in the team. 


City began in arrogant mood with swagger and belief that they would quickly have this game won yet missed several easy chances early which gave Tottenham belief that they could spring a surprise upset. Last year in empty stadiums I believe Manchester City would have been comfortable winners but here with thousands of their fans screaming their support Tottenham began to believe! Tottenham may have lost Harry Kane but they still have a real diamond in Son Heung-Min and it was he who scored the only goal of the game and claim all 3 points and consigning the Champions to an opening day defeat.


So, the question is why after this defeat am I more certain than ever that Manchester City will win the Premier League and why do I think at +110 is a very big price and worth a Maximum Wager.




They may have drawn a blank on day 1 but this Manchester City team is full of goal scorers and to win this league you must score lots and lots of goals. Their main rivals Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea heavily rely on one or two players. Manchester City have six or seven options. Over a full season that will prove a massive advantage.


Money Talks 

The World’s wealthiest club will not blink in adding to this already superstar squad and when the Transfer window opens in January if they need to, they will spend big!


Premium Coaching

Make no mistake there is no other coach working in English Football who comes close to Pep Guardiola and that is another huge advantage for this wager landing. He develops systems and styles of play others can only dream of and will mold the new players to be part of his team quickly.


All things considered this is the time to go MAX WIN on Manchester City and accept that the opening day defeat is no sign of any decline in this team. They are still by far the best team in this league, and I fully expect them to comfortably with this league.


+110 they have to be the play 


It is going to be one hell of a ride