Dear Against The Number family,

As most of you know I was offered the position of Sports Book Director at the South Point Hotel Casino and Spa this past February. I worked for owner Michael Gaughan and with well-known sports book figure Jimmy Vaccaro in 1980-81 at The Barbary Coast. I have remained friends with them all these many years, so it was a situation that I was very comfortable walking into. The offer was too good to pass up, so I accepted.

The unfortunate part was that I knew I had to relinquish my ownership of Against The Number. I have since talked to quite a few people, both in the industry and some outsiders, who had shown interest in purchasing the business I put my heart and soul into. Of course I was looking for the right price, but I also wanted the next owner to share my vision of this business. I wanted the company to continue to have respect for the customer, integrity in its operation, a commitment to customer service and an attention to detail.

I believe I have found all those qualities in The Specialty Sports Group.

Our sale was completed July 1, 2016, and they have my full endorsement. I no longer have a stake in the company but will continue to contribute with occasional podcasts, written content and social media. I wouldn’t be doing so if I didn’t have confidence that these are the right people to continue with the company I started. You should show that same confidence to their team.

Specialty Sports Group will also offer services by handicappers, expert in their field, just as I did when I owned ATN. They will also be bringing in other specialists for hockey, MMA and other sports.

The Weekend Warrior football program will be under the guiding hand of Ken Thomson. Ken and I have known one another for years and he has my respect as one of the sharpest people in the field. He is the owner of SportsXRadio in Las Vegas and I’m sure many of you on the West Coast have heard his weeknight show on KDWN AM720. If not, tune to hear the depth of Ken’s savant-like knowledge. Ken has gained a reputation as a quality handicapper of college basketball and football as well as the NFL.

I’m loving this new chapter of my life as I return to my bookmaking roots. I am also anxious and excited to see the new owners of Against The Number do great things and carry on with the company I started.

If any of you are ever in Las Vegas, please stop in the South Point sports book and say hello. I would love to meet each and every one of you personally. I would also like to personally thank you for your loyal membership as a customer of ATN or a consumer of our content. Sincerely, thank you all very much.

All good things must come to an end and my ownership of Against The Number is no exception. However, this is a happy ending. One I am sure will work out well for all of us. It is with great pride and confidence that I pass the torch on to the members of The Specialty Sports Group.

All the best to all of you,

Chris Andrews