Thanks in large part to The Ultimate Fighting Championship, Mixed Martial Arts has taken the sports world and the fight game by storm.  And it is a storm that blows year round as MMA has no offseason.  Our Kings Of The Cage are unprecedented as they have worked, wagered, studied, trained, and set the odds for MMA competition, giving us the most expansive and exhaustive knowledge of the sport.

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Specialist: Mr. Octagon

Bio: The Specialty Sports Group is thrilled to present, who we feel is the best MMA Handicapper in the world, Mr. Octagon. Our philosophy is of specialization, focusing on one’s forte and not trying to be all things to all people all of the time. Mr. Octagon is the embodiment of this thinking as MMA is all he has ever done for the past ten years. He has honed his craft and truly become an elite expert in his field by having studied MMA from all sides of the counter as a player, risk manager, and as an odds maker.