The spectacle of Conor vs Floyd is really going to happen. After months of back and forth in the media between the two mega stars, somehow, money talked and the fight was made. No reports on purses as a confidentiality agreement was signed by the two, but rest assured they are making more than all of us in our lifetimes put together.

The timing of the fight is questionable, as there’s a mega boxing fight only three weeks after between GGG and Canelo, but Floyd and Conor don’t halt their plans for anything. And it’s a nice gut punch to Oscar De La Hoya by Floyd for stealing all of their steam. Floyd vs Conor will take place on August 26th at T Mobile arena, and that’s official now as Ice Cube’s Big3 Basketball Championship has agreed to give up the date to move over to the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Currently, the price on Conor ranges anywhere from as low as +375 offshore to as high as +600. So price shopping is important no matter what side you’re planning to bet on this fight. If you’re considering Conor, there’s really only one way to look at this fight.  Conor will be 29 at the time of the fight, and Floyd will be 40 years old, with almost two years since his last fight. Conor backers are hoping that a hungry 29 year old super athlete in his prime, can make up for all his shortfalls as a boxer, against a 40 year old who’s athletic prime has passed him by. There was no evidence of this in Floyd’s last fight against Andre Berto, but 2 years later is a long time for a 40 year old, and Father Time is still undefeated in professional sports.

Floyd can currently be bet anywhere from -500 to -800, and that may still come down closer to fight time as all the small Conor bets trickle in putting the sportsbooks at risk with the high odds. The people betting Floyd have a simple reason, he’s one of the best boxers of all time, boxing against someone who is 0-0. Age, weight, size, none of that matters when you have such a discrepancy in skill as we do here, at least that’s what the Floyd bettors are saying.

Other things to consider on this fight are the props. The total seems to be settling in at 8.5 rounds with the under slightly favored at -125, meaning someone will get stopped. And this makes sense, as Conor likely can’t go 12, 3 minute rounds to win a decision, and would need to finish Floyd to win. As well as Floyd with such a skill advantage, at what point does all of his damage materialize a stoppage? This lines up with the Floyd -140 price to win by KO, TKO, or DQ, as they’re both very correlated. The draw can be had for 40 to 1, and is always a popular bet for casual gamblers looking to cash a large payout on a very small bet. Usually one of the worst bets you can make on a big fight, since they rarely cash, and are not priced very fair to begin with.

Whatever it is and however it is, you decide to wager, this is sure to be quite the spectacle. It was announced that it will cost $99.95 on PPV, and will certainly rival the 4.4 million buys that Floyd vs PacMan received. Personally, I have not made a play yet on the bout. I want to continue to watch this world tour and the training camps before I jump in.

Enjoy the fight! You can join Mr. Octagon for Mayweather vs. McGregor right HERE.