Simon Holden

Golf Specialist


After Rickie Fowler Places 3rd @ +15000 Simon Holden of Golfs Links Legends offers some thoughts…..


“In the last 90 minutes of a golf Tournament you had better get busy betting or you had better get busy dying.”


I have decided to adapt/steal a phrase from Morgan Freeman in The Shawshank Redemption. I am sure he won’t mind and if he does well last time I looked the character was in prison so…..In the film grizzled old timer Ellis played by Freeman reminds Andy the importance of not wasting time and that my friends is just as important when they come down the stretch as when you are on the block.


Last week I used a unique system I use to find Rickie Fowler he has been missing in action for months at the huge price of 15000 and Fowler duly led going into the last round before finishing an honorable third. I suggested win and place so a handsome profit was still made on the wager but by using some simple tactics and in play betting even more profits could have been made.


Winners Repeat, Winners Repeat, Winners……..


Some simple research with a phone/laptop and a stats site could prove invaluable in building your golf profits. You see with 9 holes to go when a golf tournament really starts Fowler was in a battle with 4 other realistic contenders to win. Two of them were two big beasts of the jungle, eventual winner Rory McIlroy and dual major winner Colin Morikawa. Golf is a game where the protagonists repeat their behaviors time and time again hence the final 9 hole system Winners Repeat.


With a huge jackpot win on the horizon with Fowler for the win part of the wager it pays to bring others to the party in this situation. If there are 5 possible in the hunt, we must prioritize Winners and even more so established winners from players who are just having a strong week. Many players go years or even careers without winning so are best avoided. Don’t feel sorry for them they are still probably millionaires just don’t wager them.


If you are leading or joint leading going into the back 9, have your focus on who is likely to come for your stash. I imagined Rory and Morikawa as the baddies from Home Alone raiding my wallet, so I got them onside. In the end the pressure got to Fowler but make no mistake, he is back in the big time.


I am having major wagers on the European Tour Mallorca Open and the PGA visit to Japan the Zozo.  Join me and let’s get busy winning forget about the dying bit.


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Don’t read about it be part of it.


As always, It is going to be one hell of a ride.