Join us for non-stop NBA action, nearly every night of the week, for the entire 82 gam season, and you can definitely call yourself a Hardwood Hero.  From intercepting the inbound pass, to running the fast break, to slam dunking and beating the buzzer, our specialists have the NBA covered from top to bottom.

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Specialist: Mike Davis

Mike Davis burst onto the handicapping scene in the early 2000’s. He started his own website and garnished the attention of many of the top executives in the business. After nearly a year of negotiations, Mike sold his website and joined one major website (unnamed) and a network of other sites.  His consistent ability to stay at the top of the leaderboards Against The Number in the NBA and is still unmatched. Mike spent the last 5 years at Doc’s Sports where he continued to learn a great deal about the industry. Mike is widely recognized in the industry as the premier NBA Handicapper in the world.

His ability to recognize “wrong”, or “off” numbers is in the NBA is uncanny. A direct quote from Mike about the NBA from a wagering perspective:

“The NBA is unlike any other sport. These guys play 2-5 times a week and the travel can be ridiculous. I know how to recognize a tired team and a motivated team. With so many games being played each night, the oddsmakers tend to make mistakes. I watch more NBA basketball than any person alive. I pay close attention to rotations, coaching, travel, and individual matchups. The NBA is an ATM machine for me.”

Mike has a major presence on Youtube Huge presence with videos and the industry innovator with Live videos. Mike’s biggest win was a future play on the Alabama Crimson Tide to win the National Championship prior to the 2009-2010 season.  have a major connection with that university and his confidence certainly pushed me over the top to make a huge wager, Mike said.   Mike is well known throughout the Southeast because of his handicapping and his former radio programs. He featured many special guests on his show like Derrick Henry, Alvin Kamara, and Bobby Bowden.  Strong relationships are generally beneficial in the sports handicapping industry.

Over the years, Mike’s developed and learned many different ways of evaluating games. His personal philosophy varies from a lot of his peers through self analysis. He takes an inordinate amount of notes on individual games and I document what I am thinking when I make a play on a game. After the game, he combs through previous, and current notes and adjusts his final notes for that game/selection accordingly.

Just like in sports, it is imperative to be fundamentally sound in this profession.  From statistical analysis to injury reports to matchup reports, there are many different ways to handicap a game. He welcomes and uses any and all information, but one of the main keys Mike believes sets me apart is my ability to recognize a great situation.  When handicapping an NBA game, he asks himself these questions:

When is a team extra motivated? When is a team primed for a bad performance? These major keys are often unrecognized or overlooked. The ability to handicap and recognize these situations is a quality that great handicappers must possess.

Against The Number features Mike Davis as our premiere NBA sports handicapper.  He is the living definition of a specialist who has mastered his craft, and that’s wagering the NBA Against The Number.

Specialist: Noah Parker

Noah Parker, former marine, and handicapper of G&L Sports and with Against the Number from 2016-2018, has been on both sides of the counter in Las Vegas for Coast, Stations, CG Technologies, William Hill, Cal Neva Sports and is a frequent guest on SportsXRadio.  He’s been in the sports betting industry for over 15 years.

He’s averaged 58% Against The Number the last five years betting mostly sides in NBA basketball.  Noah has had several streaks with 14 or more consecutive winning days Against The Number in the NBA.