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As we welcome in the New Year, Against The Number is thrilled and proud to present Soccer as another sport offering on our menu of services

Our preferred analytics team known as Database Winner will lead the charge for our soccer product. They will do so with the incredible models of statistical analysis, in depth number crunching, and unprecedented content that have led them to great success in both Major League Baseball and NFL Football. The Database Winner team has been working on a European Premier League (EPL) soccer model for over a year and a half and we are now ready to release it to you.

Here is an overview of what you can expect as an ATN Soccer Subcriber..

How to Crunch Squawka Soccer Analytics into Actionable Betting Information

Squawka is an amazing rating system, but it’s difficult to see exactly how to use the data moving forward in your betting endeavors. We’ve created a formula that makes it easy for you to “crunch” the data together.
The EPL Soccer Annual Access Pass, “Picks On The Pitch,” runs through the end of May 2017.  Get in now and Score! with this new, exciting, and tremendous product.