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Specialist: Noah Parker

Bio: The very most important thing in sports betting may be discipline. As a former member of The United States Marine Corps, Noah Parker has been trained in discipline and this was recognized by bookmakers and sports betting professionals in Las Vegas. Parker began his career as a ticket writer, ascended to supervisor, and was eventually promoted into risk management. All the while, Noah Parker has used this experience behind the counter to hone his craft, handicapping The NBA and Major League Baseball, for over fifteen years. Noah has worked extensively as a player and handicapper with renown professional Chuck Edel and now appears regularly as a guest on SportsXRadio with Ken Thomson and on The LVSportsLine on ESPN Radio in Las Vegas.

Specialist: Basewinner

Bio: Basewinner is an analytics team led by Mark “Basewinner” Borchard. Mark has spent the past 10 seasons analyzing individual MLB games and developing predictive data sets. Mark, combined with a team of computer programmers have used advanced baseball data and mathematics to build a game prediction and player evaluation product. This product projects a true line for every game on the board using advanced sabermetrics from FanGraphs, Baseball Prospectus, and other highly accredited sources.